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I have to say over the years I have collected a lot of clothing that at times seems all over the place. I have dress clothes and high heels as well as having t-shirts with skulls and lace up boots covered in studs. I think the main reason for this is because over the last 10 years or so of my life and style has changed considerably. At this point in my life I can no longer wear the clothes I wore 10, 7, or 5 years ago on a daily basis to work. So i have essentially two different wardrobes in my closet. I have work clothes and weekend clothes, but this makes it hard to find clothes to wear. I would like to streamline my clothing and have pieces that work well together.

Now, in no way am I going to give up my leather jackets or my studded boots, but I need to find a balance between these and my work clothing. Now through some research I have come across katberries post on capsule wardrobes and loved the graphic that she

posted. It shows a variety of colors that work together and can be mixed and matched. I used this for a guide while sorting through my clothing. Now, I am not aiming to have a capsule wardrobe, but I want my clothes to work together.

I did not discard clothes if the color was not on this palette but I did discard them if I was iffy and they were not on this palette. Since I am aiming to mesh my personal style and my work clothes together I though it was most important to remove things I was iffy about and did not help me in this venture.

I will say that I do have some clothing in storage that I cannot get to at this point in time, but I am going to sort through it as soon as I can get access to them. Trust me, if I could go through them I would have. Anyway, I will stop my rambling and get to showing you my before and after for my closet.



I stunned myself with this process. In the first picture you can see my closet is jammed packed with clothes, shoes, and other odds and ends. I hated opening my closet, I usually had  trouble finding things and when I went to take a shirt out a few more usually came with it. I ended up getting rid of 5 bags worth of clothing and shoes. All of which I donated right away since 99% of it was in good condition. Plus a lot of it was work clothing I did not really enjoy anymore and I know work or professional clothing is much needed.

My closet is now more open at the bottom, I can actually see the back wall! Plus, my clothes aren’t as jam packed. Also, my shoes now all fit in my vertical shoe organizer and I was able to get rid of my floor one, which never did much good for me honestly. I am very happy with this outcome. I cannot wait to do the next category, although I am a bit worried because it is books. Ekk!

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