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So this time around I did not take pictures of my declutter for two reasons, I had way to may books to fit in a single picture and the second was, I did not want to look back on some of my unread books and get mad at myself.

Now in the KonMari method you are instructed to get rid of all your unread books and only keep books you have read and spark joy. You are not allowed to read descriptions and you cannot open the book. You can only look at the cover and hold it in your hands. Now as a book worm running a bookblog I obviously love books. I love surrounding my self with them and often buy new ones even though I have some unread ones waiting for me at my house. This category was very difficult for me.

I decided to break this category down into two groups read and unread. I decided to tackle the read ones first then the unread ones, more on that later. I think the longest part was taking all the books off of my shelf. I counted all of my beloved books and it was nearly 200 books. Even though I am a book lover, for some reason this just felt like to much. I knew deep down I was never going to reread 200 books. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me.

When I finally conquered my read books I took all the unread books off of my shelf and placed them on the floor in front of me. Now, I broke a rule. I kept some of my unread books for a few reasons. The first was I just went on a short vacation with my mom and I bought a few books that I have already started to read so I knew I was going to read them and they filled me with joy. The second reason was even though they were unread they filled me with joy. Now the whole purpose of this method is to surround yourself with things that spark joy, well just because something is unread doesn’t mean it does not spark joy. Even though I broke this rule, I did end up admitting to myself that I was not going to read all the books on my TBR, so they went into the donation bin.

When I finished going through all of my books I went from nearly 200 down to 119. I donated nearly 80 books. Even though I have already done this and all the books have found a new home at my local library I cannot believe I had that many books. I am currently sitting looking at the books I have left and I cannot imagine where those 80 books fit.

Even though I removed 80 books from my collection I am very happy. All the books I have are sitting properly so their binding will not be damaged. I can see each book I own. All the books I have make me happy. As a bookworm it is like a dream come true. My books reflect me, they are well taken care of, and they aren’t crowded or hidden away.

Now that the hard category is finished, on to an easier one!

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7 thoughts on “Decluttering | My Books

  1. That is so impressive!! I have so many books but I keep convincing myself they’re still going to all get read. Which would take like 10 years to get through…. I’m trying to go through and read them and then if I honestly think I’m going to reread them or if I’m going to push them onto my friend will I keep them. I just donated a couple boxes earlier in the summer that I knew I was never going to get to and I’m hoping to get rid of a couple more boxes sometime soon.


    1. Thanks! It really is hard to declutter books. We wouldn’t have bought them if we were not interested in them. It is awesome that you are donating the books that you are deciding to let go of.


  2. This is something I have been doing for the past several months as I just had too many to fit on my shelves. I’ve kept my absolute favorites of course, but still felt sad to let go of some of the ones I did let go of. Mostly because I was afraid that they wouldn’t be loved. I’d like to donate them to the library, but my library doesn’t accept fiction (no matter how good a shape it is in). In the end I donated them to a charity thrift store. Hope they go to good homes.


    1. I think they will go to a wonderful home. My library just recently stopped taking all donations. Made me a but upset because the library made money off of sales and I tended to donate popular books that were in high demand that had waitlists. But, chances are a majority of people donated books that did not help them to much.


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