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Operation Find A Hobby | Jewelry Making


Welcome to the next installment of my journey into finding a new hobby. This time I tried my hand at jewelry making. I want to take the time to thank Ashley for giving me the idea. I also had no idea what I wanted to make so I put a poll on twitter and you guys voted fro necklaces.

So I went to my local craft supply store and got a few supplies. I really did not have a lot to go on because I have no idea what I would have actually needed. I decided since this was my first time making jewelry I would take the “easy” way.

I ended up picking up pliers, some gold colored wire, 3 pendants , some fasteners and some chain. I also ended up getting some fake leather cord to make a bracelet. This actually was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be since I picked up a lot of things that were on sale. I know when I am trying something new I don’t like investing a lot of money in it. 


Once I had an afternoon that I could take time to create me new jewelry. I first decided it would be easier to play with the idea of making a bracelet and a necklace. I learned that making a bracelet is a lot more difficult than a necklace. You can see in the following picture the bracelet I made, you can see that the stone was way to heavy and would not play flat. I even took off extra length, but it continued to turn and move around so I ended up trying to make it into a necklace instead.  


 The Outcome

I ended up making a total of 3 necklaces. I ended up tossing the idea of making a bracelet, I was getting a bit too frustrated. But, below you can see the three necklaces I made. They are all different lengths. The one on the left it s along necklace, I think I will get a lot of use out of, the middle is a short, almost choker length necklace and the one of the right sits right above the collar of most of my shirts.


Overall I liked the outcome of this little experiment, I walked away with 3 new necklaces that I adore. Might I add I LOVE the color of the pink stones? It is also very satisfying to make something with your own hands that you can wear out and about. The process itself had a few hiccups. The first obvious one was the bracelet, the stone would not cooperate at all. The second was the jump rings, I had so many of them bend funny and had to get new ones. It may be due to my inexperience though, I noticed after a bit of time it happened less and less.

I don’t think I will be needing to make jewelry in the near future, but when I need a new piece I think I will go to the craft-store or etsy and see if I can find a pendant or stone I really like and make something I love. I will also repair one of my favorites if they happen to break. I am not sure if I would just sit and make jewelry if that makes sense. I had a blast with this installment and I love what came out of it. I can’t wait to continue my journey. Thank you again Ashley  for the idea, I had a ton of fun.  Keep the recommendations coming!


Did I do a good job? What should I try next?


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9 thoughts on “Operation Find A Hobby | Jewelry Making

  1. They all look beautiful! I often find myself in a craft shop looking at the jewellery making section, I’ve never been quite brave enough to try it though! Plus I suspect anything would soon end up in my spare room alongside the sewing machine I bought after watching The Great British Sewing Bee and the leftovers from when I knit to relax!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I know I always used to look and think, “this would be cute”. I am glad I tried it though and I used everything I bought. I bought with the intention that I might not have liked it.

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  2. I love how your necklaces turned out 🙂 I remember making jewelry a loong time ago, but it was quite fun back then, I think I used a finished kit with all the supplies and didn’t go out and buy all of them. It’s definitely a cool activity!

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    1. Thanks so much Caro! Yeah, it was fun and I was glad I was able to buy just what I needed. It saved a lot of money because I can see how starting with this hobby can be a bit of money.

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