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Lets Talk | Buddy Reading vs Book Club

LetsTalk12:17Hello everyone, this month I wanted to discuss something I have heard/seen questions going around the book community on various platforms. This month I wanted to talk about both Buddy Reading and Book Clubs. But, before I dive into this new topic I wanted to talk about the outcome of our last discussion.

Previous Discussion: Lets Talk | Preordering Books

DividerLast month we talked about pre-ordering books. It seems from both of the poll questions that 72.7% of the individuals who voted have in the past pre-ordered books. While the second question, dealing with the idea of pre-ordering, 100% thought it was a good idea. I find it interesting that there is a 27.3% difference, while I do understand the reason for the difference. While it is a good idea to pre-order and support authors, it is not always practical and/or a possibility. Thanks again to those who voted!

8 yes, 3 no
11 yes


First I thought it would be important to define both of these terms that are often thrown around.

Definition of book club via merriam-webster

1: an organization that ships selected books to members usually on a regular schedule and often at discount prices
2: a group of people who meet regularly to discuss books they are reading

Definition of Buddy Read via Moderators of NBRC

A “Buddy Read” has a discussion leader and a reading date is set to start the book. A reading schedule is posted prior to the start date and discussion questions are posted each day regarding that section of the book. More information about these types of reads is below. An example is here, showing a reading schedule here.

I just want to also say that the Buddy reads that I have been part of have a reading schedule and the book is usually broken into 50 page increments. One individual picked the book and the person who chooses the book rotates so others have a chance to be a leader. Discussion days are set, but I have not always had discussion questions set prior sometimes they are set and other times the conversations are just organic. Divider

When looking at a bookclub the main thing that stands out in the definition is that an organization/entity chooses the books for the members, there is not a  discussion over the book that is picked and there is not a rotation of this power. For me I find that having someone always having control of picking the book leaves me to skip months or I end up loosing an interest because I have no equity in the bookclub or the outcome. While this can be a positive for some by getting them to try new books or different genres for me it is not. One example of this is Barns and Nobles new Book Club that was accounted last month. I only joined it because The Female Persuasion was already on my anticipated releases of April. If it has not been I would not have even thought about joining.

Another thing that stands out is the fact that is has a regulated schedule that sits usually at once a month. I really enjoy this format because I can read the book in a single day or take the entire month to read it. It is totally up to me. I can break it down by how much to read per week or just wing it.

Now, looking at buddy reads there are a few things that stand out to me. The first being Is that there is a reading schedule set. As I said earlier I do like how bookclubs give you more flexibility here, but to be honest I enjoy having a weekly goal. For me it allows me to be the mood-reader that I am by allowing me to read more than one book at a time. I can read by 50 pages earlier in the week and then explore other books the rest of the time. Also, chances are, depending on the size of the book, can take more than a single month to read.

Another thing that I like is that there is a leader who chooses the book, for me the person who chooses always changes. There is not a single entity who is in charge. That way, I as a reader, get to pick something I really want to read with others, but I also get to explore what others want to read. I have equity in the group and that give it value. For me this keeps me involved and excited about reading with a group.

Realistically I will never have to choose one over the other, but if I had to pick between only taking part in a bookclub or in buddy reads chances are I would choose buddy reads. For my reading style and my personality they work better.

I hope this post explained a little bit more about what these terms actually mean and is helpful in some way. If you have any questions or want to point out more positive and negatives of either of these please share in the comments, I would love to hear them. Also, there is once again a poll at the end of this post. I am curious to see what everyone thinks.


What do you think about buddy reads and book clubs?

Have you ever taken part in either of these?


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14 thoughts on “Lets Talk | Buddy Reading vs Book Club

  1. Thank you so much for this thorough definition of what buddy reading is! I have asked a lot of people about it, and this answer made the most sense to me!
    I’ve never done buddy reading, but I’ve been part of several book clubs! The one I am in now has actually been running for two years, which is the longest running book club I have ever been a part of. The format is that everyone in the club submits a book they want to read. Each month, a book is drawn out of a hat. The person who submitted the book that is chosen that month will lead the discussion on the book at the next meeting. This has been a really great way to stay engaged, as your book will eventually be chosen, and also to get you out of your comfort zone and reading a book you might not have otherwise chosen.
    Sorry for the book in your comments! Great post!

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    1. I am glad that you found my explanation helpful, I was a bit worried that it would be confusing. So that is very nice to hear!

      That is an awesome way to have/organize a bookclub, I wish more did it that way. I might actually stay engaged in it that way. Also, I do not mind the book, you know I love to read. lol. Did your book get picked yet?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have participated in both buddy reads and book clubs but my go to is buddy reading. I only participate in one book club because with most book clubs someone picks a book and they are usually new releases and I can’t afford to buy new books all the time so I just don’t join. The book club I participate in now gives you a theme each month and then you choose whatever book on your TBR that fits the theme.


    1. That is an interesting way to organize a bookclub. Do you all just talk about the books you picked and how they relate to one another?

      Yes, that is another downside of bookclubs. They are usually dealing with new releases and can be quite expensive. The buddy reads I normally are older books. Sometimes they have been on our TBRs for a long time or they are new to us, but have been out a while so we can find them used or on discount.

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  3. Glad I read the entire posts I am in online book clubs and several times I haven’t been able to find the book or just not enough participation. That stinks even though attuned I have them for social media and at times I don’t. I liked the biddy idea I had never heard that thanks great blog!

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