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Bullet Journal Revisited| July 2018


This month I decided to try something new when it comes to sharing my bullet journals outcomes and spreads. This month was the last month in my currently Bullet Journal so I decided to try some new things and see what worked and what didn’t before migrating into my new one. Let me know what you think!


DividerWhat is your favorite spread to have in your Bullet Journal?


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6 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Revisited| July 2018

  1. I liked the video! I think it’s a cool idea to make a YouTube video and put it in a blog post. I like the idea of making videos for my bujo but I don’t like my voice very much. Also I only have my phone to film with. What do you use?

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    1. Thanks so much for the feed back. I really appreciate it. I have used my phone in the past, I do have DSLR camera, mainly because I studied photography in school for a few years. Using my phone worked really well when I use a stand, the only reason I switched to my camera was because I already had it and it was easier to movie files to my computer. It isn’t super hard with the phone though, just a few more steps.

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  2. My favorite kind of spread is a weekly spread where I can write down things I need to do each day and keep track of events or activities that are coming up later in the week. I love how all of your spreads are yellow-themed & the lemons are cute!


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