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So if you are new here, my name is Luna and I love audiobooks. I have been listening to them for years. For me, they are reading and they count. When I listen to an audiobook I actually absorb more information. I am not sure if it is because I am more engaged in the story or it is because that is my strength. Either way, that is just how my brain works.

So, over the years I have listened to audiobooks on cassettes (yes, I have listened to audiobooks for that long), CDs OverDrive, and through audible. Since having a subscription to audible and loved ones gifting me credits, I am fortunate enough to have an abundance.  Over the years I have not gotten to quite a few of the audiobooks, 16 in fact.  So, I thought it would give me a bit incentive to share some of the older audiobooks I own, but have yet to read.



Which one should I read first?


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11 thoughts on “Lists | Un-listened to Audiobooks

  1. Of course audiobooks count!! I find them really useful for classics – they can really bring an otherwise lengthy (and perhaps dreary) book to life! I haven’t read/listened to any of the books on this list, but I have heard Six of Crows has a great audiobook, so that could be a place to start (:

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  2. I love audio books and I have been listening to them since I was tiny – it was a great treat to be allowed to listen to a tape after my bedtime story as I fell asleep. I haven’t read most of these but ‘Persuasion’ I have read many times and it is probably my favourite Austen novel.

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    1. Oh, that is great to hear about Persuasion. I kinda totally forgot I had the audiobook for that novel. I am glad I actually deep dove into my library and I am able to see what I actually have.

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