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Let’s Talk | TBR Jar Experiment


So I know a lot of us book lovers have a huge owned TBR or TBR list and some of us in this community use a TBR jar. In the past I have made one or two of them, but I never really stuck with them for one reason of another. It might have been because I had so many incoming books I didn’t keep up with adding them, I am not really sure. Either way I always failed even though I have even posted a DIY for one a year or maybe even longer. You can see that DIY here: DIY | TBR JAR.

So for the month of October I decided that I would try the famious TBR jar once again and really commit myself to the process. So I went to the thrift store and picked up a small TBR jar and wrote down every book I owned that I still needed to read.

As you can see from the picture above my little jar was VERY full. I might have needed to get a larger one or I need to hurry up and get reading. Now, once I wrote down all the titles It was time to pick my next book.


So this was the first book I picked out of the jar I picked a very recent addition to my TBR, Salem’s Witch House. I read it pretty quickly and I am glad I picked it up sooner rather than later. If you want to see what I thought in detail about this book you can read my post: A Week in Review | October 1st -October 6th. I will say I did not like it as much as I thought I would, but it was just not what I thought it was. It really stinks when a description was a bit misleading.

The next book I picked was a book my aunt lent to me and wanted to hear my opinion on. I was very happy to picked this book because I did not want to put it off since she is interested in hearing my opinion. I will say that this book was a wild ride and it was truly all over the place. If you want to know what I thought in a lot of detail you can read my post: A Week in Review | October 7th -October 13th.

When I picked this from the jar I was so happy and excited to pick this book. Mainly because I needed to read it for the BN book club and I did not think about that when I started this experiment. Sadly, I ended up loosing this book and needing to pick up another book.



So, upon having used this method for a few weeks. I can say it has its pros and cons. The first thing I liked about this was how easy it was to just pick a book and read. There was no staring at the bookshelf and being overwhelmed by choices. This happens to be from time to time and I can see that it really did cut down on that. The second pro is the fact that it really does show you how many unread books you own. Even though I have 2 book shelves that are pact with books, I mainly just see that I am lucky enough to have those books. I don’t see how many I truly have left unread because they are all spread out. This really forces you to see a visual representation that cannot be ignored and is more meaningful, at least to me, than just seeing a number.

Now, while there are some pretty serious pros to having and using a TBR jar, there are some cons as well. The first you can mainly see in my last pick. I was planning on taking part in the book club, but if I did not pick it there was no way I could have. So having books with a deadline would not work well with this format. Another con would be not really being able to pick what you are in the mood for. While this kind of helps in some situation when you are not in a specific mood, if you want to read a thriller and you picked a nonfiction or a general fiction book you would not be very thrilled. Being a mood reader, this was something I was really afraid of.

Overall I really think a TBR jar has its place in a bookworms life, especially for a mood reader like me. Sometimes I have no idea what I want to read and this could help me. Moving forward I plan on only using my TBR jar for when I am stuck on what to read next. I also think it would be fun to pick a book from the jar once a month just to get me to read some of the books I have been putting off.

I made the decision to kind of mix Books and Lala’s Closet unhaul series and My Reading is Odd TBR jar. Both of these youtubers are amazing and you should check them out ASAP! Anyway, I think I will be pulling a book per month, My Reading is Odd normally pulls more than this, but I don’t want to overwhelmed myself too much.  Now, if I do not read that book in that month off it goes from my shelves, kinda like Lala did in her series.


What do you think about TBR Jars? Do you use one? How come?


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21 thoughts on “Let’s Talk | TBR Jar Experiment

  1. Personally I love this method, I just finished my own TBR Jar, and the fact of just using it, motivates me to read more and I also love to surprise myself and maybe I end up reading a book that I would never have pick it up otherwise. But I understand that it can be a problem if you’re a mood reader 😊

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  2. I haven’t heard about this, but it’s a great idea 🙂 I’m a mood reader, and I think that’s how I end up with such a lengthy TBR… This could definitely work 🙂

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  3. I tried this method before but I failed tremendously haha. But hearing you talk about your experience made me want to give it another go, maybe after I’m done with the books that I need to read. I agree that it doesn’t technically work when the book has a deadline, but if your mood matches what the TBR jar presents you then it’s just a swell time.

    Also it’s nice to see a fellow mood reader! Hiya!


    1. Yay, a fellow mood reader! You could always make certain genres have a particular color, that way if you want to read a historical fiction book you know to pick a certain color from the jar. I hope that made sense?


  4. Great reflections. I do usually have a hard time picking my next book (so many choices!), but at the same time I am a hella mood reader, so I really don’t know if this is the right answer for me. Cool to see how you felt about it though!

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  5. I’ve always wanted to use a tbr jar, and actually tried it once but I’m too much of a mood reader to use is successfully. I really like reading your experience with it, and I like that you shared the pros and cons!

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    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed reading about my experience.

      Maybe color coding genres is something you can try? That way if you are in the mood for something you can narrow your choices to that genre. Just an idea, no need to try, just throwing it out there.


  6. I have my TBR jar but it just has my priority list in it. I’m trying to decide what to do with it for 2019 because I don’t think I’m doing a TBR and i have too many books to do every single one I have on a piece of paper. I’m glad it kind of worked out for you!!

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