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Bullet Journal | December 2018


Last month I sadly did not get around to sharing my bullet journal, but I am excited to get to share this months with you. I am using some of my tried and true spreads as well as trying a few new ones as well.

This month I wanted simple layouts, apart from the bonus one below, and limit my colors to pale relaxing colors. I am not sure why, but I was really craving cool tones.

Here is my main introduction page into December. I thought it would be fun to do a warm fire place because during the month of December that is the only place I want to sit, right in front of it. I also wanted to put a few simple decorations. I never go all out with decoration in real life so why would I in my bullet journal?

This is my calendar page. This is where I write all the appointments, meetings, and due dates for various things. When I took this picture it was blank, it is already totally filled. It is funny how things come flying at you all at once. I loved the little lights so I added them to the side of the page. I didn’t color them in because I wanted the purple to be the star of this page. It is such a relaxing color.

So on the left hand side is my Monthly Overview, this is where I write down all my planned posts. I am happy to say that I have some fun posts coming up this month that I am excited to share with you. Mainly my favorite and least favorite books of 2018. I cannot believe it is already time to reflect on the year.

On the right side of the page is my December TBR. It may be a bit of a sneak peak, but oh well.

This is the layout I am going to be giving a try. I kinda got inspiration from BooksandLala on Youtube for this. On the right side I am going to assign a book a color and track the days I have read it on the left hand side. If all goes to plan there should be a fun cool toned rainbow on the left hand side to show when I started, read, and finished a book using the colors and code on the right side. I am curious to see if I keep up with this or not. Only time will tell.

This is my typical tracking pages I put in my bullet journal every month. The right page is where I write the titles of the books I read and then color them in. On the right I color in a block for each chapter I read. At this time I only added the books on my TBR, more will be added because I never stick to my TBR.

I am not sure if I have shared this before, but this is the weekly spread I use. While I give a majority of the room to my weekdays. I don’t combine Saturday and Sunday because then I end up waiting to do everything on Sunday. As you can see I also have a few stickers. I track the moon cycles in my bullet journal because I always love being aware of the moon and its cycles. I always have since I was a little girl. I also have assigned days to clean, write, and do laundry which are indicated by sticks. I also do a weekly weigh in that I keep track of in my bullet journal as well.


Bonus Layout


I hoped you have enjoyed the sneak peak into my bullet journal this month. I really enjoyed how this month turned out. It is clean and calm, just what I need and wanted.

Do you use a bullet journal? What theme are you using this month?


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24 thoughts on “Bullet Journal | December 2018

      1. I just did a whole post about how to do faux calligraphy and am thinking of doing a series on tips and tricks for hand lettering. After reading your post it made me finally write about what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve wanted to share about it for a while but have been to nervous to show people what my stuff looks like step by step, but I did it.

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    1. I am glad you like these posts, I find them really fun to make, especially because it is something I really enjoy outside of reading. You really should start sharing as well! The magical readathons are a TON of fun. I did the OWL and NEWTS this year too and had a blast. I like that this is a nice low key one.

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    1. I can always help if you want. I just love them because they are so personal and if something doesn’t work you can just turn a page and try a different layout or approach. With planners that are preprinted I would always run into the issue of my needs changing and them not really working for me anymore. Plus, I like that it is a creative outlet in a way as well. I know next year I want to do more drawing and painting in mine.


      1. I can never find planners that fit what I want or they’re just boring in general. I’m hoping I can have a more personalized one that I get excited to use. I don’t think I’m going to do week by week appointments and schedules but I’ll definitely be using it to plan blog stuff and TBRs and whatnot. Mine’s going to be so basic and hopefully I’ll get more creative the more I use it.

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