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Book Unhaul | November 2019


Hello and welcome to my book unhaul. So, with the end of the year coming I really like to take the time to go through my owned TBR and read pile and decide if I really am going to read some of these books in the new year or reread them in the future.

If you are unfamiliar, I have a challenge of sorts when it comes to my owned tbr to help keep it in check and from getting completely out of hand again. My TBR used to be over 100 and now I sit around 35 most of the time. I do this by saying to myself if I don’t read it within a year of buying it, I need to unhaul it. At this time I actually read all the books I bought before January 2019, so I am doing very well with this. On the other hand my owned and read shelf is a little over the top and I am running out of room quick. So, I would like this time to reevaluate my shelves so I can donate books during the holiday season to libraries and other charities.

If you want to see my most up to date owned TBR list you can check that out here:Bookish Luna’s Owned TBR Shelf 

-Books I Unhauled-

All of the books in this pile I read and honestly some of these were not easy to unhaul such as A Very Large Expanse of Sea and the Teddy Roosevelt trilogy. But, if I am being honest with myself, I wont ever reread these. I do have one negative memory with Carry On, when it came out I was in the hospital for a decent chunk of time and I read it there, and quite honestly I can’t bring myself to reread it.

Here are a few classics that I read and enjoyed as well. Pet Sematary is going because I don’t like the edition and I want a better one. The others I wont ever reread personally and A Little Princess also has a bad association with it, so I don’t really want the reminder around.

I really enjoyed the books in this pile apart from A Delusion of Satan, I got it on vacation a few years ago when I went to Salem, LOVEE Salem would go again, but it was just awfully written. Also, same is true of the Salem’s Witch House. Once again it was hard to get rid of the Teddy books and also the Eleanor Roosevelt books because I have had them for so long. Washington Black, Stalin’s Daughter, and The Underground Railroad are only going because a good friend wants them. If they were not wanted, they would be staying with me.

So, the top is the original serialized edition of The Green Mile, which is a wonderful story.  I am only getting rid of them because they are falling apart and I would not be able to reread them. Doctor Who Fairy Tales were cute to read, but I have not reached for them for years. All of the books in this pile were once again really good, but I just wont reread them if I am honest with myself.

The same is true for this pile, apart from three book. a majority of these were read and loved, but I am not going to reread. The three books I just unhauled without reading were Wicked Saints, His Perfect Wife, and The Flight Portfolio because I never saw myself really wanted to read them even though they sound awesome.

61 books Unhauled!

Would you have kept any of these books?

What is the last book you unhauled?


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18 thoughts on “Book Unhaul | November 2019

  1. Wow! That’s a LOT of books, congrats! You should have so much space now. 😂

    Moby dick is HUGE.. it honestly scares me a lot – although this copy seems to be really pretty ..
    last book I unhauled is actually one I meant to in my first round but mom wanted to read it xd so she had and afterward I brought it to work in out little library!

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      1. It was “circle of friends” by Maeve Binchy .. yeah! she actually ended up quite liking it, actually xD Reading the back I just kind of “Erhh… nope” and it was quite massive too haha

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  2. I see your point about great books, but not reading them again. I still keep a few great reads hoping that I’ll read them again. I have limited space so I cull my book a often.

    I would have kept the Rainbow Rowell and Seanan McGuire books, but that’s just my preference.

    Nice uhaul. I bet you have breathing space for new books for sure!


  3. A lot of books to unhaul! I need to do something similar as soon as possible because my own pile is getting out of control. I will probably unhaul the same books as you, though not probably The Virgin Suicides, because it is one of my favourite books no matter how depressing. To be honest, I would not have kept Washington Black or The Underground Railroad either – these were not the stories I found particularly compelling or memorable, though they were “powerful” in their own ways, I suppose. I also notice a big tome of the Count of Monte Cristo, and it does look lush in the picture 🙂


    1. The Virgin Suicides was a very interesting read and I enjoyed it even though it is heartbreaking at times. I really liked both Washington Black and The Underground Railroad, if a friend didn’t want them as much as they did, I would have help on to them. Monte Cristo is a really fun read, I just know it is a one time read for me and I was lucky enough to get that edition for $10.


  4. Wow so many! I don’t unhaul books that often, but I always feel good afterwards haha! I like just having books on my shelves that I enjoy!


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  5. Wow that’s a lot of books you’re getting rid of. Several of those I have on my goodreads TBR to read eventually and there was a few that I’ve already read. I’ve never done an unhaul before. Maybe one day I will.

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  6. Wow, that’s so many books!! Good for you!! Also, you have an actual hardcover copy of The Darkest Part of the Forest!! They are so hard to find, I tried for ages before giving up. (If it’s not already gone, would you be willing to sell it?!)

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