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To Be Read | January 2020

To Be ReadHello and welcome to my first post of 2020! I am excited that my first post is setting an intention for the first month of the year, my TBR for the month. This month I am keeping it pretty relaxed so I can add more books as I feel, but there are a few I really want to get to this month for one reason or another. So, on with the books!

This first set of books are ones I am really excited to jump into. Girl, Woman, Other is the first book I am reading for my Read a Shortlist Challenge. It was on the Shortlist and won The Man Booker Prize 2019. Where the CrawDads Sing is another one for a series I am going to be revamping this year ‘Someone Picks My Books’, I am so excited to be bringing it back, I truly have missed it. Mythos has nothing to do with a series or challenge, but I have been on such a mythology kick I want to read it now.

These next two books are also ones I am really excited about, but were so small they wouldn’t stand up with the rest of the books, so they get their own picture. The first book is Widows Weeds and Weeping Veils and it talks about 1800s mourning rituals, which is a bit dark, but I personally find the topic really interesting. The second book here is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is the Shakespeare play I am reading in January for my 2020 Shakespeare Challenge. I am really excited to jump into this Challenge and I created a goodreads group for it if you would like to join, it is called  2020 Shakespeare Challenge Group. Very original, I know.

Anyway here are the books I am very excited to get to in January! I really love how all over the place they are, works perfectly for my mood reading.

What books are you planning on reading this month?

What book are you currently reading?

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12 thoughts on “To Be Read | January 2020

  1. I hope you have a great reading month Luna!! So far I haven’t started anything but James has sent me the next book in his Braxton Campus Mysteries series to beta read and I have to have that finished by the 10 so I need to jump on that. I also need to start Gunslinger by Stephen King.

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    1. Thanks Misty! How exciting for you to be beta reading! I read the Gunslinger a year or so ago, so I am good with that one, I just need to get my hands on the second book in the series and remember when the discussions are. I always miss them by a few hours.

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      1. I started beta reading his books for him last year I believe. For some reason I am really good at finding spelling mistakes even though I’m not the greatest speller myself. I put a hold on the first 3 at the library. Gunslinger is available for pick up but I haven’t been able to go get it yet. My phone is pretty much glued to my hand so I always see the notifications as soon as they pop up.

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      2. Totally understandable. I can’t live without my phone so I always have it with me no matter what. If it out of my sight and I can’t find it I start to freak out. Which isn’t really a good thing. I am way to overly attached to it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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