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Let’s Talk | Blogmas Post Ideas

Hello and welcome to a little post I think some people might find helpful this month. December is a truly magical time of the year, but it is also a time where many bloggers accept the challenge of posting for 24 days straight. I though that while I am not planning on doing the entire 24, but we shall see, this post might help a few people out.

Blogmas Ideas

Winter themed tag, I know I did a really fun one called Baby It’s Cold Outside Book Tag. It was such a blast!

Discussing a favorite winter memory and getting personal with your followers.

Sharing your go to warm beverage recipe.

Taking some time to share pictures of your decorations this year.

Make a list of things you are thankful for this past year.

Checking in on your 2020 goals.

Share a top five with your followers, maybe talk about books, movies, shows, candles and more.

Share a few small businesses you love.

Share some goals you have for yourself going into the new year.

Get personal and share something you learned about yourself in 2020.

Share a few pictures of your favorite wrapping supplies, I know I love the wrapping paper and bows!

Share your favorite posts from this past year, nothing wrong with giving yourself a shout out.

Take a day to do a low effort post and jus share what you are doing that day.

Write letter to your future or past self. If you do the future version, it might be fun to do a reaction for next years blogmas!

I hope those of you who are taking on this challenge have found a few of these helpful. Best of luck in your challenge and I wish you all he best this blogmas!

What are you writing about this month?

Sign Off 2020

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk | Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. I’ve that very same book tag as a post for one of my Blogmas days. A lot of mine are book related but I have a few Christmassy ones thrown into the mix too. Thanks for these ideas though as I’ve a few more days I need to write posts for and I might just borrow a couple.

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