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2021 Reading Goals Revisited

Hello and welcome to my reflection on my 2021 reading goals. I feel like the first half of the year went really, really slow and then the second half ended up going way too fast. Funny how time seems to do that. Anyway, as I do with other years, I wanted to take a moment to look at the goals I set for myself a year ago and see how I faired.


Use the library once a month-I did this for sure! I used the library for audiobooks constantly this year and I am so thankful they have the digital resources that they do between those audiobooks and ebooks.

Read 12 nonfiction books-As of writing this post I have read a total of 19 nonfiction books!

Read 50 books – As of writing this post I have read a total of 73 books, so I accomplished this!

Reread The Hobbit and the Lord of the Ring Trilogy – I did it! I reread The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy over again. It was a lot of fun to dive back into these books the last few months of 2021.

Not Achieved

Read the International Booker Prize – I read 4 of the 6 books from the shortlist this year. I do have the other two on my kobo and I still plan to read them, but I am such a mood reader I didn’t want to read these great books when I was not in the mood.

Read The Farseer Trilogy and The Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb – This one I half did. I read the entire Farseer Trilogy, but I ended up DNFing The Liveship Traders Trilogy for now.

Keep my owned TBR under 10 books – I have it in the 20s, so not too far off, but not the goal I set for myself.

How did you do with your 2021 goals?

Sign Off 2020
Sign off, thanks for reading!

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17 thoughts on “2021 Reading Goals Revisited

  1. You did awesome!! I was doing really well with my goals in the first half of the year and then I kind of fell off the wagon with all of them in the last half. Every time I set myself goal I never succeed so 2022 is going to be a goal free year for me but I still plan to join all of the challenges of course.

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      1. So far I’m going to have my husband picking books for me and I’m going to do the What’s in a name challenge again this year plus the buzzwordathon as well as my book club. Beyond that I haven’t really seen a lot of the challenges for next year yet.

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      2. Oh, having your husband pick sounds like a bunch of fun! I need to look up the list for the buzzwordathon this year. I know I was on the fence last year, but maybe this year I can jump in on that one. Especially since it is so open-ended.

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      3. Yeah I’ve been doing that for the past few years and so far I haven’t read very much of what he’s picked. Hopefully 2022 I will change that. For buzzwordathon I always just pick one book for each month that fits the prompt. That’s what I did this year and I ended up reading 9/12 of the books. I love that she made it so open ended.

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