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Bullet Journal Jottings July 2021

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My Bullet Journal

I am keeping this bullet journal quite simple since I am really just starting to get back into it. The main layout is my monthly calendar that goes across two pages. Each square is 6×6 so I have plenty of room to write blog post ideas and other important information. In the picture above I had to cover everything in post-it notes. I used the micro for the actual calendar, but I used the Acrylograph pen for the month title. This is my first time using it and I am not to thrilled. It has great pigmentation and does not bleed at all, which is amazing. Sadly, it kept flicking the ink everywhere, which you might be able to see. It looks like paint splatter, now if that is something you like great, me not so much. I also used this pen to add some lines at the bottom of the page to get rid of of some of the dead space. Lastly, I added washi tape down the left side. This blue washi tape has gold suns and stars, green snakes, and blue leaves.

My next two spreads are pretty simple. On the left side I did a boarder around the page and labeled it Book Digest where I am going to keep a running tab of the book incoming and outgoing from my TBR. On the right side I outlines it all the same with the micron pen and labeled this one with Monthly Intent using the Acrylograph pen to make the two pages more cohesive with the calendar. My monthly intent page has the goals I set for myself in this months post you can find here, Monthly Intent. I created a checklist type setup and wrote the books I want to read, How to Think Like a Roman Emperor and Later. As well as writing the crochet project and a random thing I would like to do, which includes crocheting a poncho and creating a room spray.

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14 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Jottings July 2021

    1. Your planner is really awesome from the pictures I have seen over the past year, so I can’t say I blame you! I took a break from mine for the most part this year, but I really missed it last month so I decided to get going again. Funny how that happens sometimes. lol

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      1. Thank you!! I really love it. It’s pretty expensive but for me it’s worth it because I’m not a creative person so I love that it’s done for me and it looks so good. I miss days all of the time but I always get back to doing it. I just left be it plus I forget things easily so it’s very helpful to have things written out.

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    1. Thanks so much! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. When I first started I just made lists, did the more traditional methods. Then I slowly experimented as my needs changed.


      1. Printing is a good idea too, but if it doesn’t fit chances are you wont use it. But yeah, look up the original method and it might help you out.


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