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BUJO | August 2022

Hello and welcome to a little showcase of what I did with my bujo for the month of August. I have been pretty lax with keeping up with this in recent months mainly because I was not carrying it around so much. I was putting everything on my phone and organizing my life digitally, nothing wrong with that, but not my preferred. I like textile feedback and I remember more if I write it down so I really wanted to get back to this. Anyway, here are the spreads I have done for the month of August and one for the Summer season.

Calendar page and dashboard page with name of month and picture of the beach,

I decided to keep it super simple with the dashboard page, I just added the month and year. Then I decided to dress it up a bit by adding a picture of the water hitting a rocky shore and boats in the distance. As for the calendar, I kept it simple I made a rectangle for each day and labeled the days of the week. If you like the picture I used you can find it here.

Picture of BUJO spreads; august notes and jots, my august goals, weekly knitting goals.

For August I decided to add a place to add notes about things I did or need to do. This “August Notes and Jots” page is almost like a brain dump and memory keeper combined. On the other page I placed two things related to goals I have for myself this month. The top section of this page is for general goals I have for the month of August. The bottom half is specifically for keeping up with my current WIPS or future WIPS I plan to start this month. I labeled each of the weeks in August and made a column for each project I plan on working on, but also left two blank incase I change my mind. I am not someone who can work on one project, but I want to make sure that if I have more than one or two on the go, I am actually making progress on them. I do plan on working on my Miss May Shawl, Picnic Basket Socks, and Pressed Flowers Shawl, but we shall see what I am in the mood for.

Summer 2022 Project Plans

This last spread is just a printout of an infographic I made on canva of the projects I want to complete this Summer. When I do complete one I add the date it was completed. I have done this for the past three seasons and love it, but I will say if I don’t work on one or finish one it is not a big deal either. It is just a nice visual reminder. I want to work on Miss May Shawl, Pressed Flowers Shawl, Anker’s Summer Shirt (already done), Morning Rituals Sweater and Heel Toe Do Si Do socks.

So, there are the spreads I am using this month to organize myself and keep me focused on my goals. I hope you have a wonderful month ahead of you!

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