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Hello everyone, happy to have you hear. Today I am going to be talking about to do lists. If you follow me on twitter, you know I love a good to do list. Nearly every weekend I post a twitter thread that looks something like this:

Todays To Do

  • laundry 🧺
  • start current read📚
  • organize my desk🗃

Throughout the day I make additions to the thread and update my progress as I move through the tasks. There are a few reasons as to why I share this on twitter. The first being it keeps me accountable. If I share it with others I will be more likely to follow through or do as much as I can. The second being I love being organized. If I have a clear path I tend to get through my tasks faster because I don’t forget and I don’t waste time time trying to remember.

A few weeks ago I was curious to see if anyone else enjoyed or regularly used to do lists or if I was just someone who is very overly organized. Twenty two people filled out my twitter poll and I got the following results.

I was happy to see that 64% of those who answered did work off of to do lists and another 22% use them from time to time. Now I wanted to take a look at why we use to do lists and maybe the type of to do list we follow.

I think one of the most popular “to do” lists we use in the book community it a TBR. I know, hear me out. TBR is a to be read list or pile we have either in our homes, in our notebooks, on our devices, or on our websites. But, it is a to do list. Is it really that different from a list of items we need to get done that we slowly work through, but everyday we could add a few more items. Essentially it just keeps going on forever. Sounds just like a TBR if you ask me.

Other to do lists revolve around things we need to do, these could be chores, tasks, or maybe even places we need to go. But, there are a bunch of different formats that can be used for this. You could work off of a daily, a weekly, seasonal or even a yearly list. I know I mainly used a daily, seasonal, or yearly list.

In the picture above you can see an old picture of my yearly goals or to do list dealing with my reading. I am slowly checking off the items I complete and I hope to get them all done before December 31st. On the other page I have the start of my Summer to do list, which I also work through slowly, but steadily.

I think the ones I reference and use the most is a daily to do list. I write these down either in my bullet journal on a particular day or start a thread on twitter such as the one below.

Now, I am really curious what type of to do list do you regularly use and what format you keep track of it. Do you use an app like trello or notes in your phone? Write it on a little pad or in a notebook? Do you find them useful or do you just do things as you realize they need to be done? Do you maybe keep them for work, home, or reading?


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15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk | To Do Lists

  1. I, for one, love to do lists! I do use Trello to help me stay organised in a more broad sense of the way but I like to make to do lists in my bujo on a daily basis.
    It usually contains my school work like tests and homework and stuff like reorganising my room/desk and even reading so that I remember to prioritise it as well


  2. I love to do lists! My main one is a mental one because it’s pretty much the same every day. However, on the weekends I like to have one day I put a to do list on Twitter (inspired by you).

    I need to learn to start doing the largest part first because I like to recharge when I’m halfway through by taking a nap and after that I lose motivation for larger projects.

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    1. I wish my to do list was the same everyday, would make things so much more simple for me. Glad you found the twitter to do list useful and helpful!

      Priority is a hard thing to peg down on a to do list. I try to do one hard thing first then a few smaller then back to a harder one so I feel like I am making progress. Sadly, the smaller ones sometimes end up being the pain in the butt ones.


  3. I stray away from TBRs because I’m such a mood reader, but otherwise I love to do lists! I jot everything in my notes app on my phone buuuut sometimes I forget to look at them because they’re out of sight-out of mind. To do lists only work if you look at them 😅.

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  4. I definitely work best with to do lists! I’m normally pretty good at remembering them but I find it works better for me when I write them down in a notebook. My mind just gets too cluttered otherwise and I start to panic. Also, I just love writing things down.

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  5. I am honestly obsessed with lists!
    I write lists for nearly everything:
    school work to do
    movies to watch
    tv shows to watch
    books to read
    what to do today
    what I theoretically would need to go and find in an apocalypse

    You get the gist.

    Amazing post!
    -Emma 🙂


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